KOLMIO RYODORAKU   KOLMIO RYODORAKU is a set of three devices in one:
  • diagnoscope - when applying the Ryodoraku method, it allows to accurately determine the bioelectric activity of the body and perform an early diagnosis,
  • stimulator - it allows performing a biostimulation appropriate for the patient's condition, accordingly to the Ryodoraku therapy principles,
  • point detector - it allows less experienced patients to accurately locate the points of acupuncture.
The Ryodoraku method is known for 50 years; it was developed in Japan by prof. Yoshio Nakatani. It is known in Poland since 1983 - the devices' prototypes have been developed in the Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, with advice from prof. Zbigniew Garnuszewski.   KOLMIO RYODORAKU

The KOLMIO RYODORAKU device is based on one of these devices, developed by eng. Waldemar JarosiƄski. It was designed with the use of most modern technologies, on the basis of microprocessor technology. The design was made with emphasis on the ergonomy of usage:

The small dimensions of the device, battery power supply, result memory, digital and graphical result presentation, modern solutions make applying the Ryodoraku method possible and easy not only in the doctor's office, but also at the patient's home.

Basic applications of the KOLMIO RYODORAKU device:

Further information:
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