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PEM harmfulness


ECOMETER   ECOMETER is a simple device for measuring induction of a variable magnetic field. Thanks to these measurements it enables evaluating the electromagnetic radiation rate, which influences on the human body

The intensity of the magnetic field is digitally presented on the device's display; also, when the samples are dangerous, the user is alerted by red lights and a loud sound. This way it is easy to judge the harmfulness of the electromagnetic field in a specific location.

ECOMETER measures mainly the field created by the electrical installation. Such field is emitted by all electrical devices, from power lines, through vacuum cleaners, washing machines, food processors, air conditioners, to radio receivers, cassette players and computers. Actually, we are constantly exposed to the electromagnetic smog. ECOMETER is capable of detecting the threat imposed by various devices, and locating and eliminating the most harmful sources of the field.

ECOMETER has build-in 50Hz filter - when the 50Hz switch is on, meter is measuring only this frequency.

Technical information for ECOMETER

Measurement range: 0,01┬ÁT - 8,00┬ÁT
0,01A/m - 6,3A/m
Frequency range: 20 - 20 000 Hz
Results' accuarcy: 0,01┬ÁT / 0,01A/m
Measurement accuracy:
  at 50 Hz 0,05┬ÁT / 0,04A/m
  at other frequencies 10%
Power supply: 9V battery
Dimensions: 17 cm x 9 cm x 3 cm

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