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PEM harmfulness

Harmfulness of the electromagnetic field

Many years ago it was affirmed that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to the human organism. Many people associate the term "electromagnetic radiation" with radio waves or X-rays. This range of electromagnetic waves is studied most thoroughly; the harmfulness of these waves is quite well documented. A wide description of the problem can be found e.x. at the EMF Health Report.

Rarely, although lately more and more frequently, it is spoken about the harmfulness of the electromagnetic field of low frequency. Virtually all receivers of the electrical installation emit radiation at the frequency of 50 Hz. Such radiation accompanies us all the time, at home and at work - it is the inherent companion of the civilisation. All the time, 24 hours a day, every one of us is under its influence. The sources of such waves are e.g.:
  • electrical engines, therefore vacuum cleaners, washing machines, electrical food processors, air conditioners, drills etc.;
  • transformers, which can be found in every electical device - radios, cassette and CD players, computers;
  • picture tubes of televisions and monitors.

This short list does not exhaust all the sources of electromagnetic radiation. Anyway only on its basis it is possible to discover, that we constantly live in electromagnetic smog. The locations which are especially endangered can be found using the magnetic field meter - ECOMETER.

Sometimes a high level of radiation can be found despite the lack of visible radiation sources. Usually it is caused by the currents wandering in the ground, often connected with water veins (they are good electricity conductors). Such currents are twice as dangerouus, since two threats accumulate - caused by the stream itself and the electromagnetic field.


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